Bug on a motherboard

Is your computer a little “buggy”?

We can help.

Malware found on a computer

Virus Removal Services (PC-Windows)

We check for and repair malware in Windows-based machines including viruses, spyware as well as rootkits. Additionally and unlike other […]

Computer being optimized

PC Optimization & Cleaning service

Has your computer been running sluggish? This is the option for you! While our focus with this service is updates and […]

Laptop in the middle of the woods

Laptop Repair Services

Is your laptop battery not charging when you plug it in? Or maybe you ran over it with a car […]

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all Windows PC Repair Services

Computer issues can be more than just a virus and they don’t discriminate. We work on Windows PC’s of all shape, sizes, and ages from Laptops to Desktops and everything in-between. (including hardware/soldering issues!)

Not sure what you need? That’s OK! We offer an in-depth diagnostic service and it’s waived if you decide to get the fix done with us in the same visit.

Your Twin Cities Local Virus Removal Experts

“Do you have a sick computer?”

We keep computer repair simple because we know you already have a Headache!

Psinergy Tech is your local, award-winning, computer repair and virus removal experts.

Psinergy Tech / Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul is the computer repair branch of Psinergy LLC specializing in the needs of individuals and small, local businesses. Our focus is on repairing, when it makes sense, instead of contributing more toxic waste to landfills, helping to contribute to a greener future.

Your Twin Cities Local Virus Removal Experts

Our Philosophy: “Just like the human being, computers need things like wellness checks (tune-ups), a strong immune system (good, up-to-date anti-virus software), and de-stressing routines (defragging). When things go awry, you want someone who specializes in bringing it back to optimal health.”

What makes our service different?

There’s a lot that makes our company a little different from other computer repair shops out there.

  1. We follow a set of Core Values that guide our company with every interaction.
  2. We guarantee our repair work.
    • While we take many steps to help ensure that everything is done correctly the first time, sometimes viruses can be a little bit more problematic than first expected. Sometimes something might have been missed (humans sometimes have off days after all). If something was missed, let us know and we’ll correct it.
  3. Virus Removal needs to be more than just “turning off” the viruses that have infected your computer. We go through and completely remove all traces of the virus.
  4. While some tech shops feel that the only way to ensure that a virus is completely gone is wiping and starting over (potentially losing more files if the backup wasn’t completed correctly), we have found that this is rarely the case. Additionally, wiping and reinstalling everything means that you would need to reinstall programs/software, etc. What a headache if you don’t need to do that!